Tips and Tricks for the everyday TD (and Animator)- $19

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    2008 popular MasterClass "Tips and Tricks for the everyday TD (and Animator)". (Presented LA in August 2008).

    One and a half hour full of tips and tricks on how to become more efficient as a TD or Animator. These tips will help you improve your skills and workflow so you can do your job easier, faster and more efficient.

    This is the official MasterClass and will not be available through the Autodesk website. It can only be purchased through this site.

       Tip #1 – Naming conventions
       Tip #2 – HotBox, Marking Menus & Shortcut Keys
       Tip #3 – Aligning an object via parenting
       Tip #4 – Aligning an object via point and orient constraints
       Tip #5 – Aligning an object via xform
       Tip #6 – Zeroing out a controller
       Tip #7 – Constraining a controller
       Tip #8 – Adding shapes
       Tip #9 – Adding the same shape to multiple objects
       Tip #10 – Adding multiple shapes to one object
       Tip #11 – Adding custom attributes to a shape
       Tip #12 – Adding the same shape with custom attributes to multiple objects
       Tip #13 – Overriding the shape’s color
       Tip #14 – Overriding the skeleton’s color
       Tip #15 – Utility nodes
       Tip #16 – Snapping FK to IK
       Tip #17 – Snapping IK to FK
       Tip #18 – Using blendColors to switch between IK and FK
       Tip #19 – Animating the rig for skinning
       Tip #20 – Using orientConstraint to minimize gimbal for twists
       Tip #21 – Using messages to link between objects
       Tip #22 – Using particle goals to create a spring constraint
       Tip #23 – Weighting a control curve
       Tip #24 – Using object up for aim constrains
       Tip #25 – Aligning an object using aim constraint
       Tip #26 – Right Mouse Button