What to put on a Creature TD demo reel.

A TD reel is by far one of the hardest reels to actually put together.

A TD reel by its own nature is pretty unappealing. They have no plot and generally showcase some mid-grade character models. Unless there is anther TD watching your reel, there is a good chance they will miss out on one VERY skilled individual.

One good way to show your work is to use a screen capture software along with composite together of playblasts of rigs in action to show the deformation of the characters on screen.

If you canít animate, use some mo-cap or just do some generic movements to show extreme poses.

Itís difficult to show code, but you can definitely show things that your code does.

Aside from your reel you can have a technical portfolio booklet where in 3-5 pages you describe in brief setups, the purpose, controls, ets.

Keep it short (3 minutes or less)
Show a wide range of rigging to show different deformations, controls and other TD aspects.
Screen capture things like custom UIís and automated setups.
Include original concepts/material.
Show good muscle/skin deformations.
Show good facial setup and deformation.
Commenting your rig while you are showing the controllers can be an easy, quick fast way to show your rig.
Keep it fast. Show a concept and move on. You donít want to bore people.

Avoid repeating a shot, unless you have 2 different views you want to show or a before/after render shot.
If you second guess a piece of work on your reel, take it out.
Do not include tutorial work (they are most probably well known).
Stay away from easy setups like reverse foot locks, ik/fk switching, etc.
Donít go over 3 minutes.