Quadruped Animation Friendly Rigging: Procedural Rigging - $19.95

One and a half hours of the Siggraph 2007 MasterClass video. (Presented both in San Diego in August 2007 and Torino in November 2007).

This tutorial covers the principles of procedural rigging. It shows the concepts on how to built a pipeline to create rigs fast and efficiently.

The scripts for building the Great Dane from previous classes are included in order to duplicate the setup in just seconds.

The Great Dane rig can be downloaded for free in this site.

This is the official MasterClass and will not be available through the Autodesk website. It can only be purchased through this site.

   01 - Intro
      1.1 Advantages of building a rig procedurally
   02 - Basics
      2.1 Variables
         2.1.1 Integers
         2.1.2 Floats
         2.1.3 Strings
         2.1.4 Arrays
      2.2 Conditions
      2.3 Loops
      2.4 Procedures
      2.5 Sourcing
      2.6 Building libraries
      2.7 Script Editors
      2.8 Using documentation
      2.9 Using 3rd person scripts
   03 - Getting ready
      3.1 Building a skeleton
      3.2 Using guide locators
      3.3 Shapes for controllers
      3.4 Breaking down the skeleton
   04 - Example of procedural rigging
      4.1 Skeleton
      4.2 Locators
      4.3 Shapes
      4.4 Using MEL to create the IK/FK setup
      4.5 Reusing the code
   05 - Great Dane

Special thanks to Chris Baker for the great dane model.