The Making of: the PackageMan rig

This DVD is a step-by-step document on how to create the rig for the character PackageMan that can be downloaded from the Free Stuff section. The tutorial requires a fair knowledge of Maya and it's catered to people with an intermediate to advance level.

If you are not too familiar with Maya, we recommend our fist DVD
From Zero to Hero

For those that would like to skip ahead and do it the easy way, the DVD includes scripts that will generate Jason Schleifer's IK/FK spine setup, a complex reverse foot lock, an IK/FK arms setup and a fingers SDK. With just a few mouse clicks you can create all these complex setups in a matter of seconds. By using these scripts, your rigging time will be reduced to a fraction of the time.

The DVD also includes:
14 other specially catered rigging scripts.
A PackageMan Marking Menu for easy selection of all the controllers.
Full resolution videos on how to work with the scripts.
A video showing how to animated a character for skinning.

Check out the TOC for the tutorial.

Note: The tutorial describes how to build all these scripts except Jason Schleifer's spine setup. To learn how to build this setup, we recommend Jason's DVD "Integrating an Animation Rig into a Creature Pipeline" as well as his second DVD "Fast Animation Rigs" that can be purchased from the alias site. Both DVDs are a must in any rigger's and animator's library.

Special thanks to Alex Vilhelm Ulberg Strarup, Pramod Shantharam [Modi], Brad Clark, and Nottoshabi for their help testing the rig and their great ideas.

And last but not least. Bob White for the wonderful PackageMan model.