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  1. rawhiiit

    Posted 8 years ago

    how can we zero out transformation of locators and controls eg.(hand ctrl,leg ctrl....) in Maya without changing its orientation...any method other than freeze transform or creating a null group method....please help

  2. sim.On

    Posted 8 years ago

    hi ,

    putting the control into a NUL_group is the way to go ! as far as i learned in workshops , one should prevent freezeTransforming , wherever it is possible . ( at least this is what a teacher told me , who used to work for several companies such as Framestore or ILM - unfreezing , he told , would be , if you freeze and if it is ever needed to unfreeze - nearly impossible once your controls are connected to the rig .)

    usually , you create your control Curve , group it and rename the group according to the control_Curve itself ,e.g. with a *_NUL suffix ........ ( or *_HM , you can also group it "twice" , such as *_SDK -group ... if you want to add setDrivenAnimations or if you want to add spaceBlending - to your controls ... but this can also be added later , if needed )

    ....... then place the group , where it shall be in space . to adjust the shape of the curve , simply design the shape in "componentMode" ( no scaling , moving , rotating + freezeTransform ... just move rotate and scale the CVs of your curves ) ... finally choose your "rotateOrder" .

  3. rawhiiit

    Posted 8 years ago

    hi, sim.On

    thanks for the help pal...the only problem is it creates a mess in the outliner but it was a great help...Thanks a toN

  4. sim.On

    Posted 8 years ago

    hey rawhiit,

    should not really be a mess in the end ... one thing is clear , creating a well-structured hierarchy for the outliner is quite important for a stable rig , that can be ( later ) modified .

    e.g. like

    ..- CONTROLS
    ....- MAIN_CON
    ....- SPINE
    .....- ROOT_NUL
    ......- ROOT_CON
    .....- CHEST_NUL
    ......- CHEST_CON
    .....- HIP_NUL
    ......- HIP_CON
    ....- HEAD
    .....- NECK_NUL
    ......- NECK_CON
    ....- HEAD_NUL
    .....- HEAD_CON
    ....- LARM
    .....- L_SHOULDER_NUL
    ......- L_SHOULDER_CON
    .....- LARM_IK_NUL
    ......- LARM_IK_CON
    .....- L_LBOW_NUL
    ......- L_LBOW_CON
    .....- LARM_FK_TOP_NUL
    ......- LARM_FK_TOP__CON
    .....- LARM_FK_LOW__NUL
    ......- LARM_FK_LOW__CON
    .....- LARM_HAND__NUL
    ......- LARM_HAND__CON
    .....- RARM
    ..- GEOM
    ..- JOINTS
    ...- BODYPARTS
    ...- ANIM_JOINTS
    ...- IK_HANDLES

    the "position"-group is important , for being able later to offset-move the character , additionally to the main-placement of the rig , in the scene

    splitting up the hierarchy in CONTROLS , GEOM , JOINTS , DONTTOUCH helps to organize and also is important for later , if you e.g. want to bake out the skeleton-animation . one would just select the joints_group and bake hierarchically . also all the geometry-files can be easily selected and found - as well as e.g. turning off the "inherit transfoms" by simply just turning off the GEOM group ( so there are no double transformations , when moving the entire character ) ... also , simply adding the CONTROLS-group , or GEOM-group to specific layers , so animators can easily turn on and off the controls , as well as set the visibility of the GEOM_layer to "reference" , so the will only select the control-curves , when they select all the controls in the viewport - and not accidently selsect any mesh .

    turning off the visibility of the "DONTTOUCH"-group will make all the locators and ikhandles and the other stuff invisible - and also will prevent animators to mess up the rig , by clicking through the hierarhcy and turning on and off attributes , setting up the "SIGN" ... DONTOTUCH TOUCH helps to make clear , that these objects are not tought for the hand of the animator.

    so then everything will be quite handy to use , and once you develope some excellent rigging-skills , you can even modify your rigs later , because you can easily see , where are my leftArm-IKhandles or tune the individual bodyparts of the rig.

    one thing might get very useful , is , to create a "version"-attribute on the main RIG_GROUP ... once you do changes , you always increase the version-number , this will help later to see which versions produced conflicts.

    have a nice weeK


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