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  1. Simon Scott

    Posted 8 years ago

    Firstly a Hi to everyone.
    (I used to post a fair bit on the old forums and only recently found the new ones. It nice to see them back up and running, i found them a fantastic resource when i was sorting out getting our IK/FK rigging running with Mo-Cap as well. )

    After checking out the fantastic 'hand rigging challenge' stuff from a few months ago, Ive decided after some consultation to try and implement some script jobs to key our controllers via selecting extra controllers i'm going to add.

    I've not used Script jobs before, and have a semi-decent understanding of MEL, but the maya help being what it is, i thought i'd ask for some advice and help about the best way to implement things.

    * I assume the scriptjob should get added to a script node in the scene.
    * Does anyone know of any sample scriptjobs that might have the above in? Something as simple as "When X is selected, key Y and Z", that i can use as starting point.
    *Is there anyway to add an 'event' to show that the "Key" controller has been selected and the object's keyed? to allow an animator to have a highly visual response to selecting it.
    *I can see the possibilites of using alot more scriptjobs for a variety of things in our rigging setup. Coloring controllers on certain conditions, and switching various mesh resolutions for a start. Is there a massive overhead in speed running alot of them in a scene?

    Thanks very much in Advance, i hope someone can help, or point me towards somewhere that might.

  2. Javier "Goosh" Solsona (admin)

    Key Master
    Posted 8 years ago

    Hey Simon

    scriptJobs and scriptNodes are a bit different

    with a scriptJob you can check for events (like change of selection, etc) and then run a procedure to do whatever you want.

    Damn.. all my Maya is starting to fade away!!! That's what happens when you don't use it in a couple of years

    Anyway, check out the help, it's fairly well explained. They are not too hard to use. I tried to keep them to a minimum, but I think they can be super useful



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