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problem in skinning while moving cluster pt of splineik curve (2 posts)

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  1. Enjoy_Rig

    Posted 8 years ago

    can anyone plz sort out my problem related to skinning i.e,i attached bone setup to the horse character ,completed my skinning n den while working on cluster point of splineik curve(back bone of horse) i got an error ,skin gets distorted(disturbed) ,wel could anyone suggest sth for dis or i should do rigging(bonesetup) frm the very begining

  2. sim.On

    Posted 8 years ago

    hi n-joyRig,

    i am not really aware , of what actually caused your distorted deformation , but usually , when you create a splineIK , you use joints , to deform the input_curve of your splineIK . ( usually one uses 2 joint chains , one , which is the final-splineIK_joint_chain ( which you bind to your character) , and anotherOne to deform the splineIK_curve )

    i am not really sure , how experienced you are in rigging , and maybe you want to check out some of the spline IK_tutorials from the internet .

    or you can check out , jason schleifers DVDs , or the ones on , also there is a quite nice riggingDVD by Gnomon ( i think it is called the Puppet Rig ) . you will find a lot of information on how to create aspline IK

    usually you do following
    1. create your JointChain
    2. orient your Joints ( jointOrient ) - i recommend X as aimAxis , for the advanced twist , to work lateron)
    3. create a splineIK ( you can autoCreate a curve that way )
    4. use a second (simpler) set of joints ( e.g. 4 joints ) to deform the splineIK_curve

    now your jointChain should deform without distortion

    ( orienting your joints is very important ! )

    hope this might help you


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