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  1. jameskyle

    Posted 5 years ago

    Hi everyone, I had to make a rig for an animation I'm working on, and while the student whose model I used was happy with it I'd really appreciate some feedback from industry folk who know the area backwards. (Also, I recently bought Chad Moore's "Art and Animation Work" ebook, which recommends getting used to seeking feedback for your work.)

    The rig is here: http://db.tt/BUvOkcVZ

    It's only my second time making a rig for anything but it turned out okay for what I need it to do. Anything you guys can give me by way of advice or criticism would be great though as I'd quite like to thrash out all the newbie mistakes I'm making while it's still early for me.

  2. BrianKenny

    Posted 5 years ago

    basic mistakes -
    - Lock and hide attributes on controls you don't want the animator to use (ie: translate on tail controls, translate on ctrl_neck as it doesn't move anything, any scale attributes)

    - standard Rig organization in the hypergraph/ outliner: joint in one group, controls in their own group, and mesh in its own group. You have the mesh in its own group but joints should not ever be parented underneath a control if you ever want to export to a game engine. Connect joints to controls using constraints, connection editor, expression, etc.

    - can't hide just the joints through a layer (also made easier with rig organization)

    Control issues:
    - when moving ctrl_spine_bot, it moves the whole head as well. Animators don't want to counter animate the head every time they move the ass.

    - likewise, ctrl_spine_top should not affect the position / rotation of the butt.

    - IK legs should stay planted to the ground when moving ctrl_spine_top or ctrl_spine_bot. Makes it a lot easier to create walk cycles or sitting if the legs stay level when posing the body

    - feet lift up when moving the paw controls. Want feet to stick to ground unless rotating the control. (look up reverse foot rigging)

    check out 2:15 of below link on demo reel. Good example of a quadruped squirrel

    Beyond that it is a good 2nd rig. Took me a few rigs before I really got the hang of
    control set ups.

    hope that helps.


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