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  1. shrcnr

    Posted 6 years ago

    When I was tearing apart(while studying... ) a rig called "AndyRig_v1.4.6" which I downloaded from creative crash,I came across a pretty cool node called blendweight or something which was used in most of the facial rig of the character.
    what it does is - it allows the animator to control an action with more than one control.
    For eg.. the rig has two set of controls for the Eye controls(eye lids) - one as a slider control and other "on face" control.

    If anyone knows what this node is and how to implement it ....then it would be awesome if u could share it..
    thanx in advance

    BTW check out the AndyRig_v1.4.6 in creativecrash.com its a kickass rig...


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