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  1. Smapdi

    Posted 6 years ago

    We're looking for a temporary Tech Artist/Web Dev person. Length of contract is dependent on company need an your experience. If interested, email me for details ... cmoore at turbine dot com

    Our centralized art studio is working on 3 (sometimes more) projects. Art is being generated for our games by upwards of 40 internal artists. Our staff is growing and we’re in need of someone to help support our version control system for art files and also write tools for artists. We’re looking to add a Temporary Technical Artist to help us through the busy times ahead.

    Here’s who we’re looking for:

    You’re the type of person who can envision large amounts of data and the correlations between them. You like to build systems and iterate on them with technically and aesthetically minded folks. You've got experience in web development and 3D. A strong understanding of Python and javaScript is vital. Some experience with python based web frameworks is most welcome. Great communication skills are a must.

    If you were working for us, here are some of the things you would have done last week:
    ● Set up the version control software
    ● Designed a pipeline that takes a blank Maya scene to game data
    ● Inspect existing pipelines and look to create efficiencies
    ● Attend a daily stand up meeting where you discuss your current and next tasks
    ● Attended a training session from a senior Tech Artist so you can learn more about a proprietary tool/process
    ● Created a documentation to demonstrate a particular process
    ● Gathered feedback from artists before and during your tool development process
    ● Wrote a lot of python code
    ● With approval from the Tech Art Director you wrote or augmented a python script to make any of the above tasks more efficient. You sat in a code review with a Tech Artist prior to releasing/using the tool

    Here are some other things you might do:
    ● Sit in a training session
    ● Fill in on some basic customer service/support to artists.

    Attention to detail is important. Experience with multiple programming languages is good. We’re looking for someone who is efficient with a great eye for detail. This is a job for someone with 2 years or less experience. This is a job for people who live in, or will relocate quickly and on their own budget, to the Boston area.

    If this job sounds like something you’d love to do, we definitely want to hear from you.

    Note: If this link doesn't work for you go to > boston > temp tech artist^CDrMGBgnDCPKkp/GGRyPvgi7FD4V4_slp_rhc_/ZmUVK6AM5m4zFQVBy72VkHg==&jobId=588119&type=search &JobReqLang=1&recordstart=1&JobSiteId=36&JobSiteIn fo=588119_36&GQId=0


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