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forget to do freez transform controlers (3 posts)

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  1. saloni

    Posted 8 years ago

    I forget to do freez transform controller and done skinning , is it possible to do controller in zero value......or freez transform after skinning.

  2. saloni

    Posted 8 years ago

    bone joint can be freez transformed.......or hav some other alternate of freez tranfrom for bones

  3. sim.On

    Posted 8 years ago

    hi saloni ,

    you can ZERO the controls with following method ( afterwards ) , at least , this used to work in one of my rigs , a while ago :

    e.g. the name of the control is "L_hand_IK_CON" , then

    1. create a NULL_GROUP
    2. move this NULL into the position of your CONtrol_curve
    3. parent the CON under the NUL

    ( you need to change the ( ' ) into ( ` ) as the forum does not display them proper )

    group -em -n "L_hand_IK_NUL";
    delete 'parentConstraint "L_hand_IK_CON" "L_hand_IK_NUL" ';
    parent "L_hand_IK_CON" "L_hand_IK_NUL";

    but for the future , i would suggest following workflow:
    as i personally do not recommend freezeTransform_ing your controls at all .

    - create a curve in its origin at 0 0 0 ( just use any of the available control_curve_scripts) , and directly put it into a "*_NUL"-group - you can also call it e.g. "*_ZERO"-group

    - move and rotate the "*_ZERO-group" , e.g. you can "delete 'parentConstraint';" the ZERO_group e.g. to the wrist_joint ( if it will be an "IK_Control" it is good , to "snap" it to the wristJoint) .

    - finally you want to adjust the shape of your control_curve - for this use the component-mode and move , rotate , scale the CVs of the curve .

    this way you can work very precisely ( dont need to freezeTransform )

    i am not sure about your second question , but for the joints it is not possible to do this afterwards

    if i understood your question right , then you did not "orient" your joints proper , before rigging them . ( orienting the joints = zero-out all rotations of your joints in the bind_pose )

    orienting your joints , is after creating the skeleton , one of the most important things to do in order to create a stable skeleton-rig . by orienting the joints , you zero-out the rotation-and-translation_values ( except from one translate-value ) - with this , you define the rotation-axis of each joint , so e.g. the lowerArm_joint , just rotates in one axis ( planar to the elbow_joint ) . once you oriented all the joints , you can also define the "rotation"-orders , which is another step , to prevent certain "gimbal locks".

    finally , if you want to unbind your skeleton from the geometry - to change your rig , and later want to re-bind it and keep the weights , you have already painted , you can use , one of the following scripts / plugins , to save your weights .

    http://www.comet-cartoons.com/MELfiles/cometScripts.zip ( there is comet_saveLoadWeights.mel ) - which is quite slow on highres-meshes , but OK , for lowres-characters )

    http://highend3d.com/maya/downloads/plugins/utility_external/export/skinWeightsIO-5074.html ( this is a plugin , which is much faster )

    hope this helps you

    admin , did you try to put MEL-CODE between two backticks


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