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  1. vitorlobo

    Posted 6 years ago

    Hi guys!
    This is my first post in the forum!

    Recently I developed a Python script for the stretch effect.However, it is still very simple and I intend to do something more complex.

    For example, an attribute of stretch in the controller "polevector" so that it can stretch the shouder + elbow of one arm translate.Z axis while the axis scale.X

    THe source code for the simple effect of stretch. In this case, it applies to arms, is stretching the shaft scale.X in the case of legs, to change the scale.X scale.Y

    import maya.cmds as cmds

    def makeSS():

    sel = cmds.ls(sl=True)
    if sel != 3:
    'You need select only two joints + the controler of ikHandle '

    StartJoint = cmds.createNode('transform',n=sel[0]+'_point1')
    EndJoint = cmds.createNode('transform',n=sel[2]+'_point2')

    cmds.delete( cmds.parentConstraint(sel[0],StartJoint))
    cmds.delete( cmds.parentConstraint(sel[2],EndJoint))

    # select joint 1 and ikHandle

    # Make DistanceBetween , Condition and MultiplyDivide nodes
    Dist = cmds.shadingNode('distanceBetween', asUtility=1, name=sel[0]+'_Dist')
    Cond = cmds.shadingNode('condition', asUtility=1,name=sel[0]+'_Cond')
    Div = cmds.shadingNode('multiplyDivide', asUtility=1, name=sel[0]+'_Divide')

    # Connect point1 and point 2 in DistanceBetween pointsAxis
    cmds.connectAttr(StartJoint+'.translate', Dist+'.point1',f=True)
    cmds.connectAttr(EndJoint+'.translate', Dist+'.point2',f=True)

    cmds.connectAttr(Dist+'.distance', Cond+'.firstTerm', f=True)
    cmds.connectAttr(Dist+'.distance', Div+'.input1X', f=True)
    defvalue = cmds.getAttr(Dist+'.distance')
    cmds.connectAttr(Div+'.outputX', Cond+'.colorIfTrueR', f=True)
    cmds.setAttr(Cond+'.secondTerm', defvalue+1)
    cmds.setAttr(Div+'.operation', 2)

    cmds.connectAttr(Cond+'.outColorR', sel[0]+'.scaleX', f=True)
    cmds.connectAttr(Cond+'.outColorR', sel[1]+'.scaleX',f=True)


    I want to do this effect:

    Any idea?


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