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  1. Sam

    Posted 6 years ago

    Hi everyone,

    I am new at this forum. Before i ask you my question I want to give you a short introduction to me.
    I'm 26years old and 2006 i finished my apprenticeship in computer science in Switzerland (duration of the apprenticeship = 4 years). I allways knew i want to do something in the CG Industry.
    Now after working in the IT business for 5 years, i finally decided to go for it. I did severel Introduction to... trainings at Digital Tutors to figure out which part of the pipeline is the one i love and want to get in to. YES! It's the rigging section. I love it. The rigging the skinning learning python, discovering how the architectur of maya works, just everything that has to do with it.
    Now i'm searching for good books/ebooks/ to learn with.
    At the moment i have "The art of rigging volume 1 from cgtoolkit" and "Body Language, Advanced 3D Character Rigging" allthough the second one isn't really for beginners like me. "The art of rigging" seems to be really really nice to start.
    Are there any other books/ebooks to get started and dive deeper into riggin?
    Also i would be happy if you could tell me resources to learn python for maya. Or can i just learn python in general?

    Yes, my goal is to be able to work in this business. I know that it's a long way and nothing happens over night(computer science was a long way too ). My goal is to be good enough in about 4-6 years to get a job. I think that's realistic.

    I also thinking of doing a programm at the Vancouver film school in 2012.

    Ok, that it was.

    Thank you guys!
    Greetz from Switzerland!

  2. Javier "Goosh" Solsona (admin)

    Key Master
    Posted 6 years ago


    and welcome to the industry, it's an exciting one.

    Different people will have different opinions about material. I like Jason Schleifer's DVDs, they are old, but still hold their ground.
    Aaron Holly had some amazing ones too, but I don't think he has them available anymore
    I have a few too, but I'm biased about those

    I had mixed feelings about Digital Tutor. Some were nice, others not so much.
    The art of rigging is a good start. Again, some things are nice, others not so much. But I guess you'll find that with everything.

    I really like the Advanced 3D Character Rigging book. Lots of very cool stuff.

    You can also talk to Brad, Chad and Josh on riggingdojo. I think they have a very cool thing going there.

    There is tons of Python reference out there, so I'm sure you won't have problems finding anything for that.

    Vancouver Film School won't teach you anything about rigging. if that's what you want to do, I would avoid it.

    hope that helps a bit


  3. Sam

    Posted 6 years ago

    Hey Javier!

    Thanks for the informative reply.
    There really are a lot of learning sources out there. Maybe thats why i dont know where to start :). Sometimes less is more. If i'll do the art of rigging volume I-III, would be a good start and give me a solid understanding of rigging?
    I really dont want to end up beginning with different book/tutorials/whatever and have plenty of started learning sources. Would your "From hero to zero" be for beginners?
    It is really hard for a beginner to figure out if a learning resource is good or not while doing it.

    About python, there are tons of references out there. What i don't know yet is if there are python references out there especially for riggers, or if i can just learn python itself.

    Riggingdojo looks nice, will track it.


  4. greatbear

    Posted 6 years ago

    Hey up,

    I agree with javier - the Jason Schliefer "animator friendly rigging" series are absolutely brilliant. I spent a while watching the digital tutors series on rigging, and although they give you a detailed walk through of the actual rigging process they never go into how they have made the decisions that have informed the rigs design. Essentially I didn't really learn a right lot.

    The Schliefer series analyses video footage and relates this to a specific rigging problem - really useful if your starting out - he gives you an idea of what kind of questions you should be asking and identifies some of the issues you'll be encountering.

    The Aaron Holly ones (farenheit digital) are brilliant, quite advanced but some brilliant techniques i'd never even dreamt of - although when I first watched them I hadn't a clue what the hell he was doing sometimes-quite daunting...

    I've also read the bodoy language book, and think they can be a little lapsidaisical with their explanations, so it's success depends on your understanding. I found myself being stumped for a few weeks on a single step, soul destroying!

    The gnomon series are definately worth a gander esp. the "introduction to Kinematics" tuts go into good foundational detail and really helped me to further my understanding.

    There's a really good book called "3d Character Setup" by Kyle Clark and Michael Ford. It's quite expensive (and my copy fell to bits...) but is a good precursor to the body language book and well worth the price.

    I was in exactly the same position as you about a year ago, and the thing that tripped me up a bit was attempting to understand advanced things without knowing the basics. There's a lot of stuff (esp Digital Tutors) that say "stick a joint here, bang a locator there" but dont go into the thought process behind it, thats about as effective as a catflap in an elephant house.

  5. Sam

    Posted 6 years ago

    hello greatbear!

    I decided to start with the Jason Schleifer series. They seem to be brilliant. After completing them i will get back to the reply of you and Javier and decide my next step. But to get a real good understanding of the basics the Schleifer series look great to me.

    I agree that digital tutors don't really get into how and why something works.

    Gnomonworkshop looks good too.

    Don't know the Aaron Holly series yet. Think i'll check it. Same for the book of Kyle Clark and Michael Ford.
    Is this it http://www.amazon.com/Inspired-Character-Setup-Michael-Ford/dp/1931841519/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1295207272&sr=1-1

  6. greatbear

    Posted 6 years ago

    Yeah thats the fella! (i'd go for the used one!) It'll certainly help to fill in any blanks before you look at the body language book.

    Also the 3d buzz series are pretty good too - they try to jazz it up a bit and make it interesting. I've not seen the quadraped series from this site - but i'm sure it will be very good and coming from the same school of thought as the Jason Schliefer stuff.

    Hope you've got enough to go at mate, if you need anyhelp finding things let me know - as I've said its been a bit of an obsession of mine for the last year or so and should be able to point you in the right direction.

    All the best



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