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  1. Javier "Goosh" Solsona (admin)

    Key Master
    Posted 7 years ago

    I was cleaning the site and I was wondering what people wanted of it.

    I know I'm not sure active these days. Sorry about that. But when I started this forum it was for all you guys. So if there is anything in particular you would like, let me know.

    Also, if there is somebody that can be more active that would like to help me admin it, start topics, etc. Let me know.

    I wish I could contribute more but:
    1) I'm generally busy
    2) My wife and I are expecting #2. This keeps me super busy at home with little time for anything else
    2a) When I do have a bit of time at home, I'm not rigging, but doing photography work
    3) I haven't used Maya in a while (or any other off the shelf application) and it's hard to keep up with the latest techniques
    4) I use proprietorial software and:
    4a) a lot of the stuff we do I cannot share
    4b) most of the stuff we do cannot be duplicated so easily in off the self software

    So. Anyway. Let me know if there is anything I can do for you.

    Happy rigging


  2. Smapdi

    Posted 7 years ago

    Congrats on baby number two! I'd like to offer some help to the forum. Not sure how much time I have to do admin stuff, what's the scope of work?

  3. Javier "Goosh" Solsona (admin)

    Key Master
    Posted 7 years ago


    I spent some time over the weekend and cleaned a lot of stuff out.

    I was getting 20-40 bogus new members a day and for the most part they were inactive so I never bothered to cleaned them up. Until now. So I decided to delete tons and tons of users that didn't look very friendly.

    I also installed a few new scripts that would prevent new users without my authorization and general clean up stuff

    So I have all the admin stuff covered now. Thanks

    What would be good is some new and exciting content.

    I think it's time for a new challenge


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