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  1. Javier "Goosh" Solsona (admin)

    Key Master
    Posted 7 years ago

    Hey everybody

    Just a friendly reminder that rigging is a complex thing.

    You can't simple ask "How do I rig?" or "How can I fix my leg that is not working". There could be a million ways to answer those questions

    You have to be a lot more specific in your questions. You have to post the problem in detail and if needed, post a file that somebody can take a look at. Actually, if you have a problem with your rig, I would advice anybody to do just that. It's very very hard for anybody to debug your rig from a few lines of explanation. Posting files is the easiest way to get some help

    Also, set your expectations relative to your skills. If you say "I'm a newbie, How do I rig gollum?" the chances are that you need to spend quite a few years mastering rigging before you can attempt anything like that.
    Start low and work your way up

    Anyway. Happy rigging



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